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Little Simz releases new film, ‘NO THANK YOU’

Today, Little Simz has released a new short film with acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Gabriel Moses. Titled ‘NO THANK YOU‘, the film is an evocative and cinematic accompaniment to her recently-released 10-track album of the same name.

Shot just outside of Paris at Chateau de Millemont, the film features five tracks from the album – including ‘Heart on Fire‘, ‘X‘, ‘Silhouette‘, ‘Sideways‘, and ‘Broken‘. It is a beautifully-crafted visual representation of Simz’s music, showcasing her unique talents as both a rapper and a visionary artist.

Gabriel Moses commented on the collaboration, “I have a proper appreciation for Simz’s music as a person. She’s a real humble soul; deserves all the success there is to receive. I’m blessed to collaborate with her on an honest project like ‘No Thank You’. Love to everyone who worked on the film; without them, it doesn’t happen, so credit to all of them.”

Watch ‘NO THANK YOU’ below. It is a powerful and thought-provoking testament to her talent and creativity as an artist and is sure to leave you wanting more.



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