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Bare Butt Boxing: A chaotic party free-for-all

Bare Butt Boxing, the zany party brawler from Tuatara Games, is set to make its Steam Early Access debut on May 4th! Get ready for a summer of hilarity and chaos as you fight your friends in up to 5-player online or local multiplayer matches.

Choose from a gang of mischievous aliens and reign supreme as the true heavyweight champion. Punch, pummel, and uppercut your way to victory using an arsenal of delightfully devious items to sabotage adversaries. With ragdoll physics and a funky soundtrack, you’re guaranteed a hilariously good time!

You’ll be able to defy gravity and boxing with various power-ups, and you’ll be able to strategize or dramatically throw fists to deliver an instant knockout. Learn from every hearty blow to build a winning strategy, and put loyalty and friendships to the test as you fight to become the last alien standing.

Klemen Lozar, the founder of Tuatara Games, said, “Get ready for a gleefully chaotic, free-for-all party brawl with all your mates in Bare Butt Boxing just in time for summer break. Hours of laughter and screaming await in the high-energy scuffles about to ensue.

So what are you waiting for? You can wishlist Bare Butt Boxing now on Steam. When the full 1.0 release drops later this year, you can play it on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5! Get ready for a bare-butt brawling bonanza!

Watch the trailer below:



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