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NovaGina debuts in the official music video for Angel Vivaldi’s ‘Nine.’

Guitar virtuoso and LGBT+ Rock Icon Angel Vivaldi has released his eagerly awaited follow-up to 2014’s Away With Words Pt 1. To celebrate the long-awaited release, Angel has enlisted the services of his drag alter ego NovaGina, in her first-ever music video performance for the new single ‘Nine‘. The dazzling musical opus takes the listener through Latin/urban roots, elegant acoustic rock and outrageous funk-driven grooves, further cementing him as one of the world’s most talented and versatile guitarists.

Speaking on his epic new release, Angel shares, “Music should be fun, inspiring and rebellious. Sacrificing my integrity as an artist, especially to appease what is safe, isn’t an option. I’ll forever go through great lengths to honor a concept or idea because that’s the responsibility given to every artist who chooses to write music. How my music is perceived is none of my business, but how much of myself I devote to everything I do is. Whether it’s a song, a video production, a drag persona or being the best human I can be, I make sure to do it authentically and mindfully. I couldn’t be happier with Away With Words, Part 2 or the video for ‘Nine.

Away With Words Pt 2 explores various genres, including funk, Latin, classical and acoustic. The concept is based on the yin/yang of what we are capable of – that we are more than just the one thing people see us as. Elaborating on his feelings about his upcoming EP, Angel further states, “Few words can describe what it feels like to finally share the full scope of this concept record 9 years after I started it. While the seeds I initially planted took longer to bear fruit, I’m grateful it took this long as it helped to make the grapes that much sweeter. Part 2 is an unexpected musical journey that has something on it for any lover of music.

Away With Words Pt 2 is out now – pre-order it here, and watch Angel’s drag alter ego NovaGina, in her debut performance for the official music video for ‘Nine’ below.



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