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Soul Survivors coming to Steam Early Access on May 3rd

Are you brave enough to take up the challenge?

Soul Survivors, the dark fantasy time-survival from the developer and publisher Stingbot Games, is coming to Steam Early Access on Wednesday, May 3rd 2023! Join two unique heroes as you explore dangerous locales like the haunted Linden Forest in your attempt to survive an endless onslaught of monsters and fierce bosses. With a mixture of breakneck pace time-survival games, challenging skill-based action combat and Souls-likes elements, Soul Survivors provides players with an immersive and highly replayable experience.

At launch, players can access two distinct characters: The Warrior and The Necromancer. The Warrior is an influential tank whose heavy armour and axe protect against incoming attacks. He can block significant damage with his shield and deliver devastating combos with Overhead Slash and Whirlwind Strike. On the flipside, the Necromancer wields a massive scythe and employs powerful area-of-effect skills that can take down multiple enemies at once. And we can’t forget her Shadowstep skill allows her to quickly dodge attacks while dealing heavy damage with Soul Harvest and Reaper’s Scythe.

In addition to the two playable heroes, players will also be able to encounter rare area-specific enemies that offer stage-changing rewards when defeated. By scouring environments for Sacrifice Altars, brave warriors can trade their life force for powerful skills and equipment.

The ultimate challenge awaits players in the form of various bosses, such as the hulking Flesh Golem and Chancellor Autlaic, a massive skeleton lurking deep underneath a fallen castle. Each stage is endless, and if a player manages to defeat all bosses, they will enter Cursed Mode – the ultimate endgame challenge where enemies become faster and more powerful.

So prepare for intense, action-packed combats when it arrives on Steam Early Access on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023!

For more information, visit the official website, follow Stingbot Games on Twitter and wishlist Soul Survivors today.



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