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Defy the Parasite Queen in Century: Age of Ashes’ first PvE event – The Last Bastion

The free-to-play dragon shooter, Century: Age of Ashes, has announced the launch of its first-ever PvE event – The Last Bastion. This epic battle against an unrelenting swarm of opponents will test players’ skills and team coordination to the limit.

The 4-player survival co-op mode Outbreak is one of the most exciting additions to the game. Players must work together to defend their base against wave after wave of powerful enemies, unlocking new upgrades and buffs that will help them to stay alive and emerge from the battle victorious.

This event is set within the rich, dark fantasy lore of Century, as players will come face-to-face with some of the terrifying enemies that dwell in Hel’s Breach – including the sinister Parasite Queen, who has been a looming threat to players throughout Season 1: A Shadow Over Skeld.

Century has also received a long-awaited update to its ranked PvP queueing system and a new in-game UI that better reflects the dark fantasy aesthetic of the game, and the store has been replenished with new time-limited items, such as the legendary Ensemble of the Winterborn and the return of festive dragons.

This update marks an exciting new chapter, with new heroes, classes, dragons, maps and much more sure to be revealed soon – now is the perfect time to start your adventure. We’ll see you in the skies!

Century: Age of Ashes is available now on PC (Steam, Microsoft, Epic Games Store) and Xbox Series X|S.



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