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Fiesta Online’s new Christmas 2022 patch

The festive season is here, and it’s time to get into the holiday spirit in the anime MMO Fiesta Online! This year’s update features exciting content for players, including a return of the Ski Tournament, Kingdom Quest ‘Attack on Frozen Roumen’, the Winter Cup, and four new Christmas Quests.

The Ski Tournament has players racing down a snowy racetrack while collecting points by hitting red, yellow, and blue padded pillars. The top 3 players who score the most points will be awarded the Gold Medalist, Silver Medalist, and Bronze Medalist titles, along with other in-game items.

The Kingdom Quest ‘Attack on Frozen Roumen’ also returns, where players must work together to defeat the Cronenberg Monster using their fire element to overcome its icy defences. Completing this quest will earn players in-game rewards and prizes.

The Winter Cup is another highlight of this festive season, with players competing in a soccer match on a winter-themed field. And not only that, players can show off their best dance moves under the many Christmas trees around the towns to earn useful buffs that will aid them in their adventures!

In addition to these great activities, the entire Continent of Fiesta has been decorated in a festive Christmas skin, making it the perfect time to show off your holiday spirit. So get out there and join in all the fun this festive season at Fiesta Online!



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