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Witch Fever breaks boundaries with feminist punk anthems on ‘Congregation’

Today, indie-punk band Witch Fever has released their latest single, ‘Beauty and Grace,’ a powerful anthem about pushing back against oppressive beauty standards placed on women.

Singer Amy Walpole explains that the track wasn’t initially one of their favourites, but producer Sam Grant managed to bring it to life in the studio. The song confronts society’s limiting expectations of femininity and celebrates finding power in embracing one’s femininity.

“Femininity is not a weakness,” says Walpole. “If it empowers you and brings you joy, it’s a strength.”

Witch Fever has cemented its place in the punk scene with a raw and unapologetic approach to feminist themes. Their upcoming debut album, ‘Congregation‘, draws upon lead singer Amy Walpole’s experience growing up in a Charismatic Church and tackles issues of control, abuse of power, and patriarchal violence.

Frontwoman Francesca Walpole’s vocals soar over gritty guitar riffs in tracks like “Blessed Be Thy,” where she takes religious language and subverts its power.

Their playful yet bold music videos and electrifying live performances have earned them spots at The Great Escape’s First Fifty acts and a string of tour dates in the UK. But it’s not just their talent that sets them apart – Witch Fever refuses to be confined by gender or genre.

Throughout the album, Walpole’s lyrics are raw and aggressive but never without a sense of humour and playfulness. But it’s not just Walpole’s lyrics that make Witch Fever stand out. The band’s aesthetic combines a punk attitude with a stylish edge, from music videos to live shows.


‘Congregation’ is a must-listen for fans of punk and alternative music, as Witch Fever confidently defy expectations and carves out its own space in the genre. They prove that heavy themes can coexist with fun, an ethos reflected in their dynamic live performances. Simply put, Witch Fever are a band to be reckoned with, and ‘Congregation’ cements their place as a standout act in the punk world.

Look no further than Witch Fever for a dose of raw punk energy with a feminist twist. ‘Congregation’ is out October 21st and is not to be missed.

Catch Witch Fever on their upcoming UK tour dates, starting October 21st in Brighton.

Tour Dates:

October 21st – Resident, Brighton (Album Release)
October 22nd – Rough Trade East, London (Album Release)
October 24th – Key Club, Leeds (Album Release)
October 25th – YES (Basement), Manchester (Album Release)
November 15th – The Victoria Dalston, London (TGE X First Fifty)

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