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‘Unhappier’: An intimate exploration of love, heartbreak, and ambivalence from Laye

Laye’s latest single, ‘unhappier‘, explores the complexities of love and heartbreak. With thoughtful lyricism and an upbeat tempo, ‘unhappier’ explores the uncomfortable and sometimes contradictory emotions that come with the end of a relationship.

The concept of ‘unhappier’ was formed from observations of Laye’s experiences and those of her friends. With a mission to explore the mundane emotions surrounding heartbreak, love, and jealousy, Laye created something that truly resonates with listeners.

After taking some time for experimentation and writing new material, she created ‘unhappier’—a song that captures her essence and perspective. In Laye’s own words, “not every songwriting session clicks, but this one did right away. We felt like we all caught a wave together. I was focused on putting together the live show, something that could easily translate on a stage. After my 2019 album lonesome was released, there was a long break of not doing sessions and writing things, and it took some experimentation. When I wrote ‘unhappier,’ I knew I had locked in on a sound that felt like me. This was the feeling I wanted to have and find. Every song I write leads me closer to the direction I want to go. ‘Unhappier’ has brought me closest to the sound I wanted to be making.

Laye’s unique spin on love and heartbreak has created a track everyone can relate to. Check out ‘unhappier’ below.



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