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Tigercub release new single, ‘The Perfume of Decay’

Tigercub’s latest single, ‘The Perfume of Decay,’ is available now on all major streaming platforms. This is the Brighton-based rock ‘n’ roll trio’s first release under Loosegroove Records, a label co-founded by Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard who has always been a longtime supporter of the band.

On their new single, ‘The Perfume of Decay,’ Tigercub have crafted another larger-than-life rock anthem that finds them at the top of their game. Powered by Jamie Hall’s haunting vocals and searing guitar riffs, the track is a relentless assault on the senses that will leave you both battered and bruised. With its huge hooks and powerful chorus, the song will surely be a live favourite when Tigercub hits the road later this year.

“They say comparison is the thief of joy,” Tigercub’s 7-foot frontman Jamie Hall comments, “and nowhere is this more acutely felt than on the internet; the public ledger where I must amend my social cv daily, to portray my life to others in the most rose tinted & ineffable way possible. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth of course, beneath this facade I am crumbling, cascading into despair and at odds with my emotions. ‘The Perfume of Decay’ is my expression of this feeling, an argument between affectation and naturalness. It marks the beginning of a new era for us – this is Tigercub at its heaviest, its most accomplished, and most unapologetic.”

(Tigercub by Andreia Lemos)

“Jamie Hall is not only an incredible songwriter, singer, and fucking wicked guitarist,” says Stone Gossard, “but he also has a deep understanding of art and music history. This guy dabbles in it all — visual arts, digital media, world history. This band is generational, and Jamie’s a natural star. Loosegroove couldn’t be happier working with Tigercub.”

If you’re looking for a new rock anthem to add to your playlist, look no further than Tigercub’s latest single, ‘The Perfume of Decay’ With its huge hooks and powerful chorus, this track will get your blood pumping. So crank up the volume and get ready to scream your heart out!

Tigercub Tour Dates:

10/9 – Minneapolis, MN
10/20 – Chicago, IL
10/21 – St. Louis, MO
10/22 – Kansas City, MO (with Highly Suspect)
10/23 – Tulsa, OK (with Highly Suspect)
10/24 Fayetteville, AR (with Highly Suspect)
10/25 – Indianapolis, IN 
10/26 – Columbus, OH (with Highly Suspect)
10/28 – Wichita, KS (with Highly Suspect)
10/29 – Oklahoma City, OK (with Highly Suspect)
10/30 – Little Rock, AR (with Highly Suspect)
11/01 – Austin, TX (with Highly Suspect)
11/02 – San Antonio, TX (with Highly Suspect)
11/04 – Dallas, TX (with Highly Suspect)
11/05 – Houston, TX (with Highly Suspect)
11/11 – Glasgow, UK (with Clutch)
11/12 – Newcastle, UK (with Clutch)
11/13 – Leeds, UK (with Clutch)
11/15 – Exeter, UK (with Clutch)
11/16 – Brighton, UK (with Clutch)
11/18 – Hannover, GER (with Clutch)
11/20 – Hamburg, GER (with Clutch)
11/22 – Berlin, GER (with Clutch)
11/23 – Munich, GER (with Clutch)
11/24 – Wien, AT (with Clutch)
11/25 – Zagreb, CRO (with Clutch)
11/26 – Milan, IT (with Clutch)
12/2 – Toulouse, FR (with Clutch)
12/3 – Lyon, FR (with Clutch)
12/5 – Zurich, CH (with Clutch)
12/6 – Stuttgart, GER (with Clutch)
12/7 – Frankfurt, GER (with Clutch)
12/9 – Cologne, GER (with Clutch)
12/10 – Paris, FR (with Clutch)
12/13 – Bristol, UK (with Clutch)
12/14 – Birmingham, UK (with Clutch)
12/15 – Manchester, UK (with Clutch)
12/16 – Nottingham, UK (with Clutch)
12/17 – London, UK (with Clutch)

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