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The innovative sounds of KARU’s new album ‘An Imaginary Journey’

KARU is the collaborative creation of Alberto Brutti, a boundary-pushing Italian double bassist and producer, and his latest release,An Imaginary Journey‘ is sure to blow you away.

With a sound that defies categorisation, this artist has risen to prominence through his unique blend of jazz, funk, and electronica. Drawing inspiration from everything from ancient mythology to modern political movements, he creates music that is both complex and compelling, stunning listeners with its intricate rhythms and bold sonic textures.

‘An Imaginary Journey’ is out now via Beat Machine Records

Commenting on the lead track, Brutti says it is inspired by “the African tribe of the Dogon, inhabitants of the south-east of the African continent, who use leaves as a form of superstition and ‘spirit-stoppers’ in their funeral rituals. In this case, ‘Spears of leaves’ would be the equivalent of a thought-provoking weapon.

A fragment of the documentary ‘The Last Angel of History’ by John Akomfrah is quoted in the song, which traces the matrix of blues and blackness to narrate the Afrofuturism movement that has grown from an Afrocentric current to one of global inclusion.

KARU’s new album ‘An Imaginary Journey’ is a journey in every sense of the word – taking us on a sonic adventure across time and space as we explore different cultures and musical styles. From the pulsing groove of ‘Nyia’ to the frenetic energy of ‘Purulli’, this album is a fantastic experience that will delight and intrigue music lovers everywhere.

If you’re looking for something truly original and utterly captivating, don’t miss out on KARU’s incredible new album, ‘An Imaginary Journey’. It’s a must-hear for anyone who loves music with edge and authenticity.​ Listen to it here.



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