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Old Fire’s new single ‘Window Without A World’ with Julia Holter will leave you spellbound

Old Fire, the musical and visual project of Texas-based artist Ryan Lapham, has just released a new single featuring experimental folk singer Julia Holter, entitled ‘Window Without A World,’.

The dreamy track, written about the feeling of emptiness and isolation, is a perfect match for Holter’s ethereal vocals. The lyrics paint a picture of longing and yearning, while Holter’s haunting harmonies add a magical touch to the song’s sombre mood.

Lapham explains: “It struck me quite randomly that Julia’s vocal would fit nicely on top of this arrangement, and amazingly, it fit perfectly like they were written for each other.’ The way all the parts fit so well together felt serendipitous. My good friend David (DM) Stith provided some vocoder vocal textures for the end.” Holter adds, “I loved to hear the way Old Fire sampled ‘World’ and made it into something of their own and very moving.” 

‘Window Without A World’ also features Robin Allender (electric guitar/loops), Christian Madden (vocoder), Audrey Harrer (harp), Thor Harris (xylophone), Joseph Shabason (saxophone), and Joe Ryan (drums).

In addition to his work with Old Fire, Lapham is a talented video editor and animator, having created music videos for bands such as Throwing Muses and Moon Duo. His visual art, like his music, draws on his experiences growing up in conservative West Texas and exploring identity and the deterioration of his surroundings.

Listen to ‘Window Without A World’ now on streaming platforms, and keep an eye out for Old Fire’s upcoming album ‘Voids‘, out November 4th.

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