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The wonders of nature with David Attenborough at the BBC Earth Experience

The BBC Earth Experience, coming to London in 2023, is a spectacular immersive event that will transport visitors to the diverse continents of our world. Featuring stunning visuals and audio designed to mesmerise visitors with the beauty and marvel of nature, this unique experience promises to delight and inspire everyone who visits.

With shoots across 41 countries, the BBC Earth Experience will showcase some of the best natural history films from the highly acclaimed Seven Worlds, One Planet series. Visitors can expect breathtaking footage from locations all around the globe, from snub-nosed monkeys huddling together for warmth in Asia to hungry hamsters fighting over food in Europe.

Macaws at the BBC Earth Experience

And, of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without narration from the legendary Sir David Attenborough. His trademark warmth and passion for nature will captivate visitors and help them appreciate the splendours of our natural world.

So, for an awe-inspiring experience that will leave you ‘moon-eyed’ in wonder, head on to the BBC Earth Experience in London next spring!

BBC Earth Experience 

Venue: The Daikin Centre, Earl’s Court, London 

Opening Times: Opens 30 March 2023 – 31 July 2023 

10 am – 7 pm on Sunday – Thursday 
10 am – 9 pm on Friday – Saturday 

Tickets will be on sale from 10am on 2nd December 2022, from £22 for children and £28.50 for adults from 



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