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An ode to the wrong kind of love: Christian Turner’s ‘Nobody But You’

There’s something about falling in love that can feel like a drug — one we know is bad for us but one we don’t seem to be able to quit. Singer-songwriter Christian Turner has captured this feeling perfectly in his latest single, ‘Nobody But You.’

From the moment you press play, it’s clear that Turner has created something special. The combination of moody riffs and Turner’s smooth vocals creates a dark but alluring atmosphere in which Turner’s lyrics about love and longing come alive.

I wanted to create a dark dreamy atmosphere with a lot of room for vocals,” Turner says of the track. “I wrote this song on piano, in a tiny closet on a cassette player, with the hope that it would sound a lot bigger than reality.

Turner has certainly achieved his goal. His careful production and passionate vocals conjure up a powerful mood that listeners can’t help but be drawn in by. As he sings of the highs and lows of love, it’s almost as if he’s inviting us to take a journey with him — one that is both emotionally taxing and strangely cathartic.

Sometimes you’re good, sometimes you’re fire,” sings Turner in the chorus. This line embodies the conflicting nature of love — how it can both give us life and burn us alive. It’s a subject that Turner explores with gusto throughout the track and makes ‘Nobody But You’ a must-hear for all the lovelorn out there.

Listen to ‘Nobody But You’ below:



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