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The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer: What’s the verdict?

The trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie dropped today, offering fans a first look at the new big-screen adaptation of Nintendo’s beloved Mario and friends.

For the most part, it looks promising. We can see some delightful CGI, popular characters done right, and a few light-hearted PG jokes sprinkled in. Jack Black must have been Bowser in another life; his casting was perfect. It was all going so well.

That is until Mario opened his mouth, revealing Chris Pratt’s regular voice. Okay, okay. There’s perhaps a 2% “Brooklyn” twang in there, but it’s practically indistinguishable and massively underwhelming.

Pratt previously assured fans that his voice for the character was “updated and unlike anything you’ve heard in the Mario world before.” So, since he has never been in the Mario world before, I suppose he was technically true to his word on that.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will hit cinemas on 7 April 2023. What did you think of the trailer? Let us know!



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