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Shana Cleveland’s Manzanita: A stirring exploration of love and patience

The latest release from Shana Cleveland, Manzanita, is a mesmerizing foray into the depths of emotion and self-discovery. Through fourteen tracks, Cleveland shares her journey of personal growth since opening up about her breast cancer diagnosis in 2022, which she uses to explore deeper into her songwriting and sonic craftsmanship.

The first single released from the album is ‘Faces in the Firelight‘ – a fluttering orchestral pop number that speaks to the kind of love that can only come with time and effort. The song was written while Cleveland was pregnant, making her realize how connected she truly is to nature and how none of us is separate from the changing seasons.

The song is even more special by its intentional pauses; it speaks to self-love before expressing devotion to another. It’s a small detail which carries tremendous significance and elevates the track as a whole. In her own words, Cleveland reveals that she was “thinking that the greatest act of love might be to wait for someone. I’ll be here whenever you’re done, whenever you’re ready.”

Manzanita marks Shana Cleveland’s first full-length release since 2019, expanding on this profound yet subtle message and delving into themes of joy and grief in equal measure. Whether you are a long-time fan or a newcomer to her music, this album will make you feel something. With its passionate lyrics, expressive instrumentation and delicate production, Manzanita will have everyone rejoicing in Cleveland’s triumphant return. The album drops on March 10th via Hardly Art Records. Listeners can pre-order it here.

Enjoy ‘Faces in the Firelight’ below:



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