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Queer As Folk cancelled after one season

Just one season in, the show Queer As Folk – which was a reboot of the groundbreaking original British series of the same name – has been cancelled by Peacock.

Although there was much anticipation for the franchise to be reborn and a massive plot twist in the season one finale, Queer As Folk will not be returning for a second season.

The show’s creator, Stephen Dunn, was disappointed with the news. It was a “rare gift” to create a program that is so “fearless and unapologetic,” he remarked.

Jaclyn Moore, another executive producer on the show, said, “Love this and the show we all made”, and icon Kim Catrall added: “I am so lucky & proud to be asked to join you, Stephen. A joy to be part of our #QueerAsFolk family. XO”

The news of the cancellation was a blow to fans of the show, who had taken to social media to share their love for it.

It’s a shame but not a surprise that Queer As Folk has joined the massive pile of LGBTQ+ stories that networks have axed this year. Here’s hoping another show can fill the void it left behind and give us the representation we desperately crave.



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