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Quasi Qui’s futuristic debut album is a must-listen

British alt-pop duo Quasi Qui is making waves with their upcoming debut album, ‘Downloading A New Operating System‘, out November 4th. Not only does the record feature catchy melodies and slick production, but it also offers a unique concept: a dystopian/utopian split earth where listeners can choose their parallel universe.

Yehan Jehan’s recurring dreams inspired the albums, which he describes as “a collage of cinematic films.” Along with his sister Zadi, the siblings bring harmony to tracks like ‘City Mashups’ and ‘Terminal 5’, which blend pop, breakbeats, and sub-bass elements.

But ‘Downloading A New Operating System’ isn’t just about the bops – it also serves as a roadmap for a better future, imploring listeners to dream big and open their imaginations. As Yehan says, the album is structured to take listeners “from the starting point of transformation and through all the darkness and struggles…to the other end.”

Quasi Qui is undoubtedly one to watch – their ambitious debut album is set for release on November 4th and can be pre-ordered now. In a time of uncertainty and malaise, the duo offers a refreshing dose of optimism and ingenuity.

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