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Medieval Dynasty: Exciting new co-op mode and map

Toplitz Productions and developer Render Cube are delighted to announce the launch of a new co-op map, ‘The Oxbow‘, for their hugely successful life-simulation game Medieval Dynasty. The new content offers players a vast realm of adventure and collaboration, introducing new characters, quests and more.

The Oxbow map for Medieval Dynasty transports players to the medieval village of Piastovia. The circular wooden palisade settlement is one of many protected settlements that communities occupied during this period. On arrival in Piastovia, players will be able to meet the local villagers and join them in their daily tasks, such as chopping wood at the lumberjack station and churning butter. As players explore further, they will discover many new landmarks and exciting quests to occupy them.

The new map also offers an immersive co-op experience that allows up to four players to team up for various challenging missions. Players will be able to collaborate closely with each other as they navigate the diverse landscape of Piastovia, discover new adventures and complete their objectives together.

Damian Szymański, CEO of Render Cube, said: “We’re committed to providing players with more ways to play Medieval Dynasty and expanding on the overall player experience. The Co-op mode, including the Oxbow map, is one of the most exciting content updates to be added, and we can’t wait for players to explore it.

Watch the teaser trailer below:

Head to the game’s Steam page here to stay updated on Medieval Dynasty’s latest content.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to enter the realm of Piastovia and see just how thrilling the Medieval Dynasty’s new co-op mode can be!



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