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Kim Jung Gi dies at age 47

Kim Jung Gi, an incredible artist and Guinness World Record-holder, has passed away.

Jung Gi was on his way to New York Comic-Con from Paris, France, when he began to have severe chest pains. He later died of a heart attack at age 47 after being rushed to a local hospital and undergoing surgery.

The official statement says, “After having done so much for us, you can now put down your brushes. Thank you, Jung Gi”, and provides an email for fans to express gratitude and condolences to Jung Gi’s family.

Kim Jung Gi was famously known for his comic book illustrations, but he was more than just an artist; he was a pioneer in visual art. His wittiness, combined with his artistic skill, made him a livewire performer that always left audiences entertained and amazed. He drew incredibly detailed and large-scale pictures without any reference materials, relying solely on his memory and imagination. This earned him the Guinness World Record for “longest drawing by an individual”.

Jung Gi’s work will live on through his many fans worldwide. His loss is truly tragic, but his legacy will continue to entertain and inspire people for years to come.



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