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JSAUX Celebrates 7th Anniversary with RGB Docking Station & Backplate

Add some colour to your gaming.

Electronics brand JSAUX is celebrating its seventh anniversary this July with the launch of two exciting new Steam Deck gaming console accessories: a 12-in-1 RGB Docking Station and an RGB backplate.

The new 12-in-1 RGB Docking Station is the perfect way to upgrade and add more ports to your Steam Deck console. It offers compatibility with 4K displays at 120Hz, a total customization of RGB lighting with a partnership from OpenRGB, six lighting modes (Direct, Breathing, Rainbow Wave, Spectrum Cycle, Race Cycle and Stacking), available with either eight-in-one and twelve-in-one ports, for $89.99 / €80.18 (12-in-1) or $59.99 / €53.45 (8-in-1) respectively.

The RGB backplate also adds a splash of colour to your Steam Deck console with its battery, light switch, and USB-C port for charging. It offers six lighting modes (Color Shift, Color Marquee, Red Breathing, Blue Breathing, Green Breathing and Purple Breathing) and is all yours for $39.99 / €35.63.

So if you want to upgrade your Steam Deck console with eye-catching accessories this July, look no further than JSAUX’s RGB Docking Station and Backplate! Get your hands on them now, and check out the anti-glare screen for Steam Deck, coming later this month.

Happy gaming!



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