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Join the excitement of League of Legends 2023: Ranked reset, season kickoff event and social impact challenge awaits

It’s time to get ready for the next big season of League of Legends, and this year Riot Games is bringing some significant changes. From a Ranked Reset halfway through the year to a Season Kickoff event, 2023 promises many exciting opportunities to stay competitive in the game you love.

The Mid-Year Ranked Reset is a new feature that keeps things fresh in LoL Esports. This reset will be less significant than the one at the beginning of each season, but it still offers rewards for ranked performance, including icons & emotes, Ranked borders, and a Ranked skin. This year, these rewards are also easier to access – no more Gold rank requirement to get the skin!

Riot Games is also introducing a special two-day Season Kickoff event that will take place from January 10-11. This broadcasted event will include competitions between the League’s pro teams, giving fans a first look at what’s in store for LoL Esports this year. It’s a great way to prepare for the new season and show support for your favourite players.

Last but not least is Riot’s Social Impact Challenge, where for every 100 missions completed in-game before January 24th, $1 will be donated to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund – up to $1M total. It’s a great way to make a difference while having fun, showing that Riot is committed to making League of Legends the best esports experience possible.

So sharpen your skills and get ready for Season 2023 – there are lots of rewards up for grabs, and you don’t want to miss out! Keep an eye on League of Legends and LoL Esports for more information on the Ranked Reset, Season Kickoff event, and Social Impact Challenge. Good luck, gamers!

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