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It Was All A Dream’s debut EP captures emotions of isolation

It Was All A Dream, the new musical project from London-based multi-instrumentalists Amy Maskell and Sophie Lowe, has released their debut EP, Never Forget You Are Free. The record combines elements of 90s pop, dance, dub, soul, and RnB to create a lush sonic landscape.

The duo met over a decade ago and have been playing music together ever since, even releasing material with tastemaker labels Speedy Wunderground and One Little Independent under their previous band, Peluché. However, the pair was in a creative drought after Peluché disbanded in 2019. That is until they were reminded by Amy’s mother to “never forget you are free” and start creating again.

In addition to their work in music, Maskell and Lowe are both mental health advocates. The EP serves as a reminder to take control of what is ours and embrace the excitement of rediscovering our self-worth.

Never Forget You Are Free is out now on all streaming platforms. Keep an eye out for It Was All A Dream’s upcoming live performances, as they are sure to be a dynamic force on stage.

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