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‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ Brings Disabled Pride & Kinship into the Spotlight

A groundbreaking new documentary by writer and director Ella Glendining follows her global quest for someone who looks like her. Titled ‘Is There Anybody Out There?‘, the film explores what it takes to love yourself fiercely as a disabled person in an ableist world.

Throughout her four-year journey, Ella shares her personal story of navigating becoming a mother while living in an ableist society. Through this, audiences will see what resilience looks like for the disabled community and those identifying as ‘other’. ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ serves to condemn ableism and celebrate disabled pride and kinship.

The documentary has already received awards from the Krakow Film Festival, FIPRESCI International Film Critics Prize and Biografilm Festival in Italy. Ella’s mission is for her film to be seen by as many people as possible and to “humanise disabled people“. She hopes for her work to challenge the way non-disabled audiences think about those living with disabilities and inspire them to become less ableist in their actions and behaviour. ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ is a love letter from Ella to the disability community and its allies. Keep an eye out for this thought-provoking documentary, set to be released later this year.

This story has already gained much attention and sparked conversations across social media. There is also an active campaign to raise awareness about the film, with Ella leading the charge on Instagram. Followers can stay up-to-date with behind-the-scenes stories and insights from the filmmaker herself. Show your support using the hashtag #IsThereAnybodyOutThere to join the conversation and help spread the word. Join Ella as she begins her global journey for disabled kinship and pride in Is There Anybody Out There? – coming soon.

How will this impact other filmmakers and creatives?

Is There Anybody Out There? has been praised for its boldness, bravery, and authenticity, illuminating the realities of ableism in society. The success of this project sends an important message to other disabled storytellers: that space is being created to tell their stories, and they should be unafraid to share them. Ella’s film is groundbreaking in its narrative structure and content, but it also inspires other filmmakers and creatives. It shows that the stories of disabled people have value – that they are worthy of being told. Disabled individuals can now see themselves represented on-screen with dignity, and this will no doubt open up a whole new world of possibilities for young filmmakers and creatives. This is just the start of an incredible journey for Ella, and we can’t wait to see where this project goes next.

Watch the trailer for Is There Anybody Out There? below:



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