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Introducing Mayfly: The latest single from Callum Pitt

Callum Pitt is back today with a new single that will get fans excited. Titled ‘Mayfly‘, the anthemic track showcases Pitt’s ability to create rich and dynamic indie-folk music, complete with sweeping choruses and intricate guitar licks.

According to DIY Magazine, Pitt has a knack for creating music that is “comforting” and “Fleet Foxes-esque”, thanks to his raw honesty and vulnerability. And indeed, Pitt’s lyrics are honest and deeply personal, exploring issues like depression and anxiety alongside political unrest.

Despite this darkness, however, there is a sense of hope and optimism in Pitt’s music. He sings about overcoming his struggles and looking towards a future filled with love and happiness.

If you’re a fan of thoughtful indie-folk music, check out Callum Pitt’s new single ‘Mayfly’. It’s an exciting glimpse into the talented artist’s creative process and a must-listen for fans everywhere.



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