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Get hooked on the Reeling in the Stars update for Trove

Calling all Trovians – the stars are shining bright, and it’s time to reach for the heavens! A new update for the voxel-based MMO, Trove, is now available, bringing with it a powerful new character progression system known as the Star Chart.

With this system, players can choose one of three primary constellations and embody the stars’ power to gain various benefits. Each constellation has its unique focus, such as increased gains in harvesting and experience, improved flasks for dungeon runs, or more damage and critical hit chance against foes.

In addition to the Star Chart system, Trove has also recast the fishing experience, creating a much more immersive and rewarding experience. With this revamped system, players can use unique fishing lures to gain various buffs and effects applied directly to their character. You will be hooked.

So what are you waiting for, Trovian? Whether you’re on PC or one of the many console platforms supported by Trove, the stars are ripe for the taking – so jump in-game today!

Watch the Reeling in the Stars trailer below:



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