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Dark fantasy with a dash of empowerment: A look into Bludnymph’s track ‘Lights Out’

If you’re looking for a track to blast when someone is driving you up the wall, look no further than Bludnymph. With her new single ‘Lights Out‘, she has created a genre-bending track to scream when your patience hits zero.

Bludnymph has always had a passion for music and a knack for creativity. She embraces her darker side with her music, using it to channel emotions and work on setting personal boundaries. With ‘Lights Out’, she has combined the themes of anger and empowerment, making it the perfect anthem for those who need a little encouragement to stand their ground.

The single was written with two of her favourite people, Cirkut and FAANGS. The trio created a spooky-yet-magical atmosphere in the studio with their Brothers Grimm energy, inspiring Bludnymph to take her music to the next level.

Bludnymph has also created a music video for ‘Lights Out’ that showcases her little ghost creatures, her Ghouls. You can check out her dark fantasy world on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter.

On top of that, fans can hear Bludnymph’s track ‘Press It‘ on the Fast & Furious: Drift Tape (Phonk Vol 1), alongside $NOT, Juicy J and Oliver Tree. Bludnymph is bridging the gap between music and film in a fan-first mixtape project leading up to the official Fast X movie soundtrack release in 2023.

Bludnymph has created an anthem with ‘Lights Out’ that will embolden anyone who needs a little extra courage, and her dark fantasy world, evident in the music video, is something you won’t want to miss. So if you’re looking for a song to blast when someone is pressing your buttons, you’ve found it with Bludnymph’s ‘Lights Out’.

Watch ‘Lights Out’ below:



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