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Build your dream town in Outlanders, coming to Steam in 2023

Are you ready to leave the real world behind and embark on a peaceful journey to the Outlands? Then prepare for Pomelo Games’ town-builder, Outlanders, launching on Steam in early 2023.

In Outlanders, players take on the role of a town leader tasked with managing resources and constructing buildings to keep the inhabitants, known as Outlanders, happy. But don’t expect any wars or raids in this relaxing take on the genre.

Instead, the game offers a campaign mode with mission-based levels and a sandbox mode for more experienced builders to create their own themed towns. And with a refreshed UI based on player feedback, every action is just a few clicks away.

The game’s lush landscapes and natural soundscape create a truly peaceful experience. So, prepare to coexist with the world around you and help the Outlanders achieve their wildest dreams.

Keep up to date with Outlanders by following Pomelo Games on Twitter, checking out their website, and joining the Outlanders Discord. Let the peaceful town-building begin!

Watch the Outlanders trailer below:



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