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Breaking new ground with Kid Koala: A bold new vision for music, gaming, and art

Excitement is building around Kid Koala’s new album and board game, ‘Creatures of the Late Afternoon‘. This ambitious project marks a significant evolution in his artistic vision, fusing elements of music, video, graphic design, and gaming into a captivating experience.

The album is a collection of upbeat, groove-laden tracks that showcase Kid Koala’s signature blend of turntablism, live instrumentation, and innovative sampling techniques. Each song is carefully crafted to create an emotional narrative, with layered melodies and intricate rhythms evoking feelings of joy, sadness, triumph, and nostalgia.

Creatures of the Late Afternoon (Vinyl 2LP + Board Game)

Kid Koala has also created a unique board game to accompany the music that takes players on a journey through the album’s fantastical world. The game combines elements of strategy and chance, challenging players to navigate different landscapes as they unlock new levels and explore Kid Koala’s sonic universe.

If you’re a fan of Kid Koala’s groundbreaking work or enjoy exploring innovative new forms of art, then pre-order Creatures of the Late Afternoon. It is an original and inspiring creation from one of the most talented artists in the music industry today.

Pre-order ‘Creatures of the Late Afternoon’ vinyl and board game now.



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