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Battling the undead in Sea of Thieves’ latest adventure

Set out to disrupt a dark prophecy threatening the entire Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves‘ latest Adventure, ‘The Herald of the Flame,’ players will confront the looming threat of Captain Flameheart and attempt to disrupt a dark prophecy that threatens the entire pirate world.

Players will search for notorious villain Stitcher Jim, who may be destined to serve as the Herald of the Flame and bring about Flameheart’s rebirth. The search will take players through the treacherous Devil’s Roar region and ultimately lead to a clash between Flameheart’s undead forces and the Pirate Lord’s allies.

This Adventure, available until October 27th, promises an exciting challenge for seasoned pirates and a chance to learn more about the game’s ongoing story. Those looking to catch up on recent events can check out the “Adventures Ahead” series, which recaps crucial plot points.

Sail through treacherous waters, battle enemy ships, search for buried treasure, and live out your pirating fantasies in this vibrant, shared-world adventure game. With complete freedom to approach the world and other players however you choose, Sea of Thieves offers an unforgettable pirate experience.

Join the crew on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Windows 10/11 PC, and Steam. And with cross-play between Xbox One and Windows 10/11 PC players, there’s always a pirate ready to join you.

Are you brave enough to join the fight against Captain Flameheart? Set sail and find out.



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